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Oboe Life: Take 24 – Roses & Thorns

Well, people can be careless sometimes…

My music stand was taken away from the Reed Room and was never returned around Wednesday night last week, so that was a little upsetting for me, but there have been good things to come out of this week.

Thorns (Bad things)

My music stand was probably the most upsetting thing that has happened this week. I walked in Thursday morning and my stand wasn’t there. There’s only one known person to use it, but they claim it got back to the Reed Room. I don’t really care for who has it or what it’s used for; I just want to know where it is or that it’s returned safely back to where it’s supposed to be. It wasn’t a wired music stand, it was one of those nice black ones with a flat black stand and stable legs. I debate whether to get the same exact one off of Amazon, but I do have a wired one somewhere back home sitting in a closet. Hopefully it’s returned back.

My other thorn is that I feel rushed and unprepared with all of this music fraternity stuff. The exam is going to be taken today afternoon, and I have to pass it with a 100%, so I’m sort of on the edge. I can only study off of notes which doesn’t help much. I made flash cards…gah! The other is putting on this Musicale (short recital) for the fraternity with my other members-in-training. We barely came up with a theme last Wednesday and we have to prepare everything in 2 weeks. I’m just overwhelmed, but I know if I just focus I can do it and survive.

I’m also on the edge on the outcome of the Resident Assistance job. Hopefully I hear back by Monday next week because I know people who are trying to look for apartments and roommates, and I have to give them an answer soon so they’re able to sign leases and all that good stuff. I just want my rabbits to live with me gosh dang-it. Well, patience is a virtue.

Roses (Good things)

Well, I got 100% on several music exams these past 2 weeks. One was a take home test, but I didn’t use any help on that, so I’m really proud of that theory exam. The other was this basic music history exam on the Classical era. Who knew my love of operas, Beethoven sonatas, and Mozart’s Requiem would get me that 100%. Also, my academic confidence boosted even more when my mom sent me a picture of the university’s President’s Honor List certificate she got in the mail yesterday. My goal is to stay above a 3.75 GPA all my 4 years here.

Another is going to see one of my peers do her Junior Oboe Recital. It was very interesting, but she did very well and I’m proud of her. Now she has nothing to do the rest of the semester since she doesn’t have to do juries. Lucky!

I got paid to do a gig. The same oboist mentioned above was supposed to do a gig for this youth orchestra the next day, but she got stuck in a family emergency, so she asked if I wanted to do it. I accepted, but I was sort of in a panic at the same time. That day the WiFi wasn’t working at all in the dorms, so I had to figure out how to use my phone as a USB drive and send my file to FedEx Office, so I can print about 50 pages of music. It was very hectic, but I managed to print my homework and the gig repertoire. I made it to the gig 30 seconds late, but when I walked there were already 5 other oboists, and I’m standing there so confused as to why they needed to hire me. Well, I ended up just playing with them anyway. The program included “Meditation” from Thais, Brahms’s Hungarian Dances no.1 and 5, Strauss’s Radetzky March, and Beethoven’s Egmont Overture. The Egmont Overture I played before with ECYS when I was Principal flute back in 2012, but it was nice to actually get a feel for it on oboe. I enjoyed it. The kids were interesting, no bassoons, but like five saxophones. Other than that I enjoyed the experience. Not to mention that when the gig ended at 8pm, Yoshi and I still had to do laundry that Sunday night, and we didn’t finish till 1 am.

For our MIT fundraising for SAI, my class and I decided to sell bubbles and candy for $2 a bag, and we got to sell maybe 12 bags and few extra candies, so we made $26. It’s not much, but it’s something. I’m probably just going to let them have it. I honestly don’t need the money since I saved up from what I worked for from the Bookstore. I’m just glad that we were able to pull off a fundraiser and get all my music done for the upcoming musicale. I got one of the oboists in the studio, who also plays piano, to accompany me on “God Help The Outcasts” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame ; he’s really sweet and kind, and I look forward to performing with him.

However, out of all the Roses, I’m just looking forward to going home for Spring Break. I plan on volunteering at either my old high school or middle school in their music programs – just giving an extra hand or some coaching. Also, seeing the high school put on their production of Fiddler on the Roof! I miss playing in musicals, its great!


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