Oboe Life: Take 21 – So far…

Where have I been?

Mostly in my dorm room listening to music, or reading books, or doing homework while trying to enjoy life. Of course though, I’m always in the BCCM Reed Room from 6:45am to 5pm on a daily basis with classes in between – making reeds, practicing scales and etudes, and observing the the other musicians around me. I haven’t really been writing about my life because I haven’t found the time to do so. Towards the end of the semester, especially after Thanksgiving, I was more focused on my finals and juries, not to mention the concerts also. I do have to say though that my 1st semester of college ended quite well and better than I expected.

My juries were really interesting – it was at 7am. I performed 2 Barrett Progressive Melodies, the 2nd mov. of the Saint-Saens Oboe Sonata, and the 2nd mov. of the Poulenc Oboe Sonata. The past few years I’ve been terrified of the Poulenc Sonata since I performed it’s 1st mov. for college auditions; not to mention the demanding techniques the 2nd mov. calls for. However, I pulled through and received straight A’s! It was such an unbelievable relief that I practically ran out of there skipping with my Oboe. I was so happy. Afterwards, I picked up Yoshi and we left to go home for the Winter break, eagerly awaiting to show my mom and my high school band director the feedback I got on that jury.

I decided to spend the winter holidays at home, of course. The spirit of Christmas nor New Years were really getting to me just because of issues arising around the family; there’s always some form of drama. That’s okay, I went back to the dorms to start training for a job I got on campus at the Bookstore – my 1st job. I attended orientation, and training, and started to work before the 1st week of school. I even utilized public transportation to travel for work also since I couldn’t park my car on campus. Still, I enjoyed it. My time at the bookstore was short lived by a few weeks, but I had an amazing time getting to gain some work experience.

School is soon to start in it’s 4th week. I’ve been keeping myself busy. I’ve set up my class schedule in a way where I’m forced to be at the music department everyday. This is good because then I can practice early in the mornings at 6am before classes start at 8am (I’m such an early bird that I wake up at 5am everyday). This semester I start my private lessons with Joe Stone since Jessica is having a baby! He’s an interesting teacher, very direct and explains in different ways so that the point can get across. I like my lessons. They’re interesting.

I’ve had some pretty interesting adventures lately, and I’ll definitely post them on next time (every Sundays are my goals now!).



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