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Oboe Life: Take 19 – Oh God…what have we done?

There’s a lingering truth somewhere hanging above us that has yet to be revealed…especially one pertaining to the 2016 US Presidential Election. 

Currently, it’s 1:55am PST and I am in utter shock. I’m not one to say much for politics; I try to keep my opinions to myself in any matter that may seem political. During this election, if asked who I was for or against, if asked my opinions on certain measures and propositions in the State of California, I usually don’t give any response or I make total fun of it and sarcastically go with the most ridiculous answer. Unfortunately, that ridiculous answer has come true, and I can’t seem to leave this historic event left un-respond.

I was asleep when the official news of Donald Trump’s win became official; I didn’t mean to sleep, only wanted to take a short nap because I’ve been staring at a screen since 6pm PST to see how states voted. Unfortunately, I woke up at 1am PST to find horror on Facebook and The Guardian. With this shock, I couldn’t go to sleep anymore and decided to look at more news outlets and see why this became.

Now comes my opinions: if asked who I voted for in my first US election, my answer would be plain and simple, Hillary Clinton. My reasons for voting were not because she was a woman, or if she was the ideal candidate, or if President Obama supported her; I voted for her because she was more fit than Trump, because she had the chance to win this election, because there was no one but her that knew the position as President better than her: as First Lady of The United States of America during her husband’s time as President, and as Secretary of State during Obama’s first term as President.

I read on social media the amount of blame 3rd-Party-Voters are receiving because their vote could’ve helped Hillary Clinton in this election. I look at some of these states like Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Hampshire (would’ve included Utah, but they mostly voted McMullin who’s a conservative), and I wonder if that were true. In these states listed you can see if that the percentage that voted 3rd-party voted for Clinton instead, she would’ve won that state. Leading up to the election, people were told on social media that choices didn’t have to just be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; that there were other options like voting 3rd-party or writing in. At the time, many people, including myself, didn’t factor in which people would be potentially towards voting 3rd-Party/Writing-in. I have to bring forth the question “When has 3rd Party ever won a US Presidential Election in a 2-Party System?”. Never. Yes, they may have gotten 5% of the votes or some electoral votes in past elections, but they never win. I do remember my AP US Government teacher telling us this in class when I was a Senior in High School last year. Maybe people thought that it would be some of those who supported Trump that would’ve voted 3rd-Party…who knows?

I question why Donald Trump was even a legitimate candidate in the first place. I think the sad truth is that times are changing, morality is changing, and country is changing (loose reference to The Crown. You should watch it, it’s REALLLYYYY good). Trump had a certain appeal to people. He was different, completely different from the rest of the candidates that seemed more suited to be president, or through a more culturally accepted perception who sees Senators, Governors, Military Officials as more befitting to sit in the Oval Office. He won against these kinds of people. He let his individualism and groundbreaking persona reach out to majority of Americans and won. To side with Hillary Clinton, many of us, myself included, wanted the ideal President; it wasn’t really Hillary Clinton we wanted, but the President she represents is what made some of us want her or to pick her over anyone. I am aware of some of the mistakes shes made and the issues that were brought up against her, but at least she knew how the job goes and how to get it done. Like I previously said though…country is changing and that didn’t win in the Secretary’s favor.

My reaction: I guess I was struck with the sense of fear and shock that something came about like this. I had more fear towards how my future would be affected by this. Would my college education be disrupted? Would this affect some of the relationships I have with friends and neighbors? Would this affect my family despite us being US citizens? Would this affect my significant other’s family because they are of Latino origin? Will my future still be here in the US where I imagine my Professional Oboe career to start up or in a foreign country that I am not use to?

There is a truth to all of this that can’t be answered because it is only the beginning. If experts knew Trump would win and predicted it, it’s best to say that the Clinton Campaign would have found new strategies to change that faith. No one thought it was so serious. Quite frankly, with how close Clinton and Trump were in the race with those electoral votes last night, it was very serious and we failed to realize that until the moment he won.

Of course, I’m holding in some anger; no one in particular, I’m just upset and angry and distraught at why this happened. I don’t feel like blaming anyone because the devil would want just that. Outside of this, I won’t talk politics. This is only a rare occasion that I do. I wish nothing but the best for everyone, and wish those of us with deep concerns about  this to feel as if we’re not alone; there are lots of us out there that wish the outcome came differently. Democracy has spoken in a more silent way…




Donald Trump Wins the 2016 Election



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