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Oboe Life: Take 16 – First Week Of College

1st week is done and overwith!

Hello! So, I just finished my first week of school at CSU Long Beach and Bob Cole Conservatory. It felt so long and tiring, but I did go back home to San Diego this past weekend to get an oil change, and I was just so relieved and relaxed to be back home. Well, I’m back up in LB right now getting through my 2nd week of school, but I just wanted to give a sort of reflective summary of how my 1st week in college went; from Move-In Day, to first day of classes, to first experiences – the whole deal.

Early Move-In

As a Music Major, we get the privilege of moving in early because of auditions and music theory tests. It wasn’t as great as I would have ever imagined it to be because  everything was just sort of boring and lonely. Let’s see, when I moved in it looked liked a scary horror movie in a deserted hospital. I chose a pretty weird dorm location because I could not find any music majors that first night. You’re probably wondering “well, where are your roommates?”; my roommates are Biology majors, so they moved in the next day. So, I had my mom and grandma come up with me to Long Beach, and I was just feeling cranky because I woke up early, but I told them I’d unpack everything myself, and there was traffic going back home to San Diego, so they were trying to beat traffic too. I was left by myself at 5pm and I was just unpacking things here and there. I did try to scouting for people around, but there was nobody in the hallways at all, so I was stuck by myself in my dorm room. I kept the blinds close and bathroom light on because I was scared (I’m not scared of being alone anymore). All I did that night was call Yoshi and went to bed. Lame.

The next day was real Move-In Day for everyone else, so I woke up really early to avoid being walked in while I was sleeping. I actually woke up at 6am, got dressed, and left the dorms to get breakfast at McDonald’s (so unhealthy). I actually ate at a park near the school because I didn’t want to be walked in on while I was eating either. So, I ate at a park and watched Anna Akana videos on my phone. It hadn’t really hit me that I was far from home and in college, so I was okay. It felt more serene to be by myself. Actually, I ended up looking at bus maps and routes on my phone too after I was done eating breakfast. So, I got back to my dorm room at 7:50am, and no one is in here yet, so I start doing my quilting project. My first roommate starts to come in at around 8:25am and she is with her whole family. I’m pretty awkward and quiet at first, I’m very to myself, so I didn’t say much or anything, I was just quilting. There was a point when my roommate, Jessica, was just trying to break the ice by asking some general personality questions. I was pretty okay with it, but I felt too awkward. At one point, she left with her family again, and I decided I wanted to go to the music building at school, but I didn’t want to use my car because I would only use it on special occasions. Because I already had my bus card from the University, I decided to skip driving and use public transportation for the first time. Ahhhhhhhh!

First Time Bus Ride

So I rode Long Beach transit, and I really thought I did my research thoroughly. I even got on one of those Plan My Trip beta things, and it gave me bus route information that I needed. Unfortunately, I did not understand the difference between Inbound and Outbound. So, I did get on the “173” bus, I just didn’t get on on the right side of the street to go Outbound. *face palm*  Anyway, so I get on this bus and I’m confident that it just goes in circles. I’m thinking to myself “This bus is eventually gonna get to the University”, and I’m just sitting there enjoying my tour of Long Beach on the Pacific Coast Hwy., and it never occurred to me that I was going farther and farther away from the college. So, the bus ends up in this place called a Transit Gallery where it’s the last stop for the bus routes. So, I go up to the bus driver, and start asking him “When do we get to the Carpenter Performing Arts Center?”, and he gave me the most dumb founded look like, “you lost, ain’t yeah?”. I mean, I had a phone with a map and it told  me I was in downtown Long Beach. The bus driver was kind enough to give me a ride back to wherever I go on the bus in the first place, but I had to wait like 5 mins because I guess he was on a break. So, I end up sitting on this bench next to the bus, and there’s this old Asian guy going up and down the block with his cart, and he stops by me and asks “Would you like to buy an apple? You can have 2 for a dollar? No? How about so much apple juice?”, and I’m like “Uh no thanks I’m good”. So he goes on his way, and ends up coming back, but he decides to sit next to me on this bench. I actually packed some lunch from the dining hall because they were serving complimentary food to the families moving in, so I packed pasta and brought some chips and water with me, and I’m just eating lunch next to an Apple seller and some hobos. I was very calm, and wasn’t really panicking or in a rush because I didn’t really care. I probably should’ve been like “Oh shoot, I’m gonna get kidnapped or someones gonna steal my lunch!”, but I was really chill about the whole situation; the bus driver was more worried about than anything. Speaking of the bus driver, he comes back and points to me to follow him, and he asks me where I got picked up at. So we’re on the bus again, and the route is a little bit different than the one I first went through, so I experienced more of Long Beach. We reach the stop I got on at, and the bus driver starts telling which stop I should go at to wait for the right bus, and he even gives me a free bus fare, which was really nice. I ended up going to the right bus stop, and gave someone else my free bus fare. My trip was technically a waste because I thought the orchestra results would come back already, but it didn’t. So, I went on the bus again, stopped one block early, and I ended up walking across the street through this neighborhood to get back. It was pretty relaxing just traveling by myself and walking everywhere. The bus experience was really what I needed to just figure out how to use it and get myself around town. So yeah.

First Day Of School

Okay, so I had my first lesson be my first ever college class which was pretty weird. The reason why I say weird was because  it was my first official lesson with my new teacher, Jessica Pearlman! Ahh! Okay, I can definitely say that I’ve experienced cats falling off the stairs or rubbing up against my legs during a lesson, but never have I seen a dog so calm in a purse. Let me explain, so it’s already 30 mins into our lesson, and she says “oh, I also had to bring my dog because I didn’t have time to go home after this.” I was like “Oh…what dog?” And the she grabs this purse from under the table, and opens it up and there’s this fricken Chihuahua! Apparently the chihuahua’s name is Nadia. That was a pretty interesting lesson because of the dog. I hope she brings Nadia next time.


I’ve just been walking everywhere because I don’t like using my car and I just end up using the shuttle everywhere. I did learn pretty quick some helpful tips of going about campus. I downloaded their mobile app which gives times for dining hall hours, transportation times for any shuttle and bus, and a map. So, I have taken full access to those. The one thing I didn’t like about the first week was just ordering textbooks and picking it up at the book store, cause that line is just like the DMV in Chula Vista, CA. My roommates are just fine. We have no problems, and few boundary issues, but just anything we enjoy each other’s company. I can say for myself that I do like being alone and just thinking or keeping to myself, and they totally respect. Oh, I actually got sick during the 3rd day of school, and it was the same day that they decided to go have all 3 of us introduce ourselves to everyone in our hallway. I was sick and in pajamas, so that was a fun experience. I like how they are, they’re really nice and outgoing, and it gives me a chance to be a little bit outgoing myself, so they’re making me a better person in one sense. Being a music major is really something that amazes. I just walk into the halls of the conservatory and all I can hear is music, which is just what I’ve dreamed studying music would be like. I’m really glad I chose this place to study because I feel like it’ll give me a chance to be something and just grow at a good pace. So, I’m happy, and I’m not sick anymore. My 2nd week is almost over, and I’ll be driving back to San Diego tomorrow, but Long Beach will be something I’m looking forward to.

More stories to come in the next few days or so. I’m debating whether or not to start vlogging because I feel it’s just faster to record myself talking than typing, but at the same time I have to set aside time to edit those videos, so who knows, still debating.



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