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Oboe Life: Take 13 – It’s Hot in Comic-Con

Temperature’s rising and people are all coming down here for Comic-Con…(let’s just add 10 more degrees to that).

I am like a lot of native San Diegans who take San Diego for granted (but do I count as a native even if I was born in Minnesota? Moo?), and I’ve tried to take in as much as this “perfect weather” can give me before I leave for Long Beach…which is almost like San Diego, but without the Carne Asada Fries. I try to be grateful to this city for having a stable music society in every part of the county, and letting me experience less natural disasters like tsunamis, harsh earthquakes, tornadoes, and lightning that can strike 3 feet away from you (is that common?), and having this diverse ecosystem where I can experience both snow, dessert, mountain, and flat land. San Diego is freaking great! Here’s  the thing though, I barely experience any of it…

For most of my life, I went by my parent’s schedule and school schedule because those were the only ones giving me transportation, so I didn’t really go to the beaches, or Balboa Park (museums), or hiking  trails, or anywhere really. My mom worked nights, so I usually went home to school to home, or during the summers, home to library to home to bed. BUT…then I got Blue, my sweet Navy Blue 2007 Scion XB, and getting that kind of freedom was so eye opening. I was able to drive to places I really didn’t think about before or even been to. Like, last year, I took my boyfriend and I to Sunset Cliffs and La Jolla’s Children’s Cove because we’ve never been there, so we went by ourselves and it was amazing! Those were just a few, but I took my time to travel with Blue to places I’ve never been to. I think the farthest I’ve ever traveled in that car was Mission Viejo for an audition which was about an hour and a half of a drive. Anyway, driving really did made me appreciate San Diego more for what it is…and then I crashed Blue into one of the Percussionist’s SUV 5 days before I turned 18th (Fun tip: I was singing Wicked’s Defying Gravity…never got to the chorus). It’s okay, now I have a Gray 2016 Chevy Spark as a Graduation present along with a more expensive insurance.

Back to the point! One thing I hate about San Diego is the bipolar weather. People say that we have the most perfect weather because it’s sunny all the time. That’s the thing, I hate sun. I’m a really brown Filipino and being in the sun, even with sunscreen, will make me turn a few shades darker that I have to figure out how to blend my foundation onto my neck and chest to match my face (girl problems). Or when it’s cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, like I have to pull up my phone to just to figure out how much layers I need to put on and when to shed it off later at like 10:20am, but sometimes those predicted degrees they give you are off by 15 degrees sometimes.

So, today was a pretty chill day, and I was okay for awhile. I saw some clouds in the sky, so I pulled out the phone to check how warm it would be today, and the high was like 81 F, so I was like “cool beans, let me put on some jeans and a tank top and some shoes, and it should die down before 4pm, so I should bring a jacket too”…wrong. By the time I got out of my car at 2pm, it was 99 F and the house was at 101 F! Like no! It’s 10:03 PM PST right now, and my thermometer in my room still says its 82.5 F. I’m dying…

I shouldn’t complain though, I have a fan and I can only imagine what the people in Alpine or Jamul or anywhere where the dessert is feeling throughout the day since it can get pretty hot over there. Then the people who live right next to the coast (yeah, you people in Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Downtown, Coronado…etc.) are experiencing that nice Ocean breeze. I’m in the inland, so we get the middle of everything. Either way, stay hydrated.

Speaking of Downtown though, Comic-Con is this week, and if I learned anything from living in San Diego with a car (actually, in general), is that you should avoid Downtown as much as possible. There is no parking anywhere, tourists are J-walking everywhere, and traffic is intense from street to street. I’ve been to Comic-Con several times before, but it wasn’t really enjoyable because I was watching over little kids, and I only went to the places with free stuff because I didn’t understand what Comic-Con really is…sigh. Well, I won’t be enjoying Comic-Con because my only interest in it is seeing Wong Fu Production’s Awkward Animal Booth, so I usually get other people to get me stuff from them. Other than that, if you were lucky enough to go to Comic-Con, please be mindful of where you’re going or pay attention to everyone around you. The last thing we need is another person with a car bulldozing their way into a crowd. Oh, and if you play Pokemon Go, please be aware of your surroundings  and beat Team Instinct and Team Valor (Go Mystic!). If a fight goes on because of that, take a video AND call security. Happy week!


One thought on “Oboe Life: Take 13 – It’s Hot in Comic-Con

  1. Hi Georgette! I just discovered your blog – nice work!

    I teach art at CSULB.

    Hope your summer’s going well.

    haha – I haven’t been to Comic Con in a few years – very cool – but madness!!


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