Life Lessons

Oboe Life: Take 12 – Pokémon Go, what?

I never truly understood the whole Pokémon universe or why people were so into it. Like, I used to watch the movies when they popped up on Cartoon Network every now and then when I was younger, but like the show wasn’t entertaining to me (neither was cartoons in general, but eh). In high school, there were a group of band kids that were so into Pokémon that they played the card game too, and I thought that was weird, but I respected their interest and never said anything bad about it. Even Yoshi, my boyfriend, is one of those typical gamer and and Pokémon-loving guy. I never understood, and I still don’t especially with that new app that came out – Pokémon Go. 

Anyway, well San Diego has been mobbed with people who play Pokémon Go and everywhere I go (hiking trails, parks, museums, restaurants…etc.) people are on their phones looking for Pokémon. Last Saturday, Yoshi and I went with our friend and his brother to Torrey Pines to walk on the Guy Flemming Trail, and they were on their phones the entire time. Here’s a video of the trip. Just the other day, I was watching the news and they said 2 people fell off Sunset Cliffs because of Pokémon Go…why? 

So, I downloaded the app a few days ago to see what the whole thing was about. I did it for the purpose of walking and to increase my exercise activity while getting some entertainment out of it. The app already gives a disclaimer at the beginning to warn people of staying aware of their surroundings and to be safe, so no excuse to run on the road without looking both ways, or rear-ending someone, or to jump off a cliff…why?

So far, my experience with the app has been okay so far. I don’t really care for the XP or CP or points. My only care to it is the hatching eggs because it keeps track of how many km I walk, and the collection of how many Pokémons I have because it shows my progress of how active I’ve been. So yeah…don’t get hit by a car kids. 


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