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Oboe Life: Take 7 – Pet Peeves at Themeparks


I just got back from Hollywood a couple of hours ago because my family and I spent yesterday at Universal Studios! Ahhhhhhh! It was so fun getting to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and getting to compare my trip to Universal Studios Orlando from last Spring Break to this one’s. Besides the excitement of being in the park and riding the rides, it was also very tiring and annoying and barely entertaining, and I just wasn’t sure why this was the case because everything is supposed to be fun and happy. While I was driving home and people were sleeping in the car, I was able to just reflect why I didn’t really enjoy the trip as much as I would hope.

Well, for starters, it was sunny and hot! Okay, it wasn’t actually as hot as I would have expected, but it was sunny, and with that comes sunscreen. I’m not a big sunscreen type of person because it makes me feel all oily and feels like it attracts dirt to the pores of my face. Before I can relive the whole talk about me being at risk for skin cancer or brown spots appearing when I get older, let me just say that I did put apply sunscreen 3 times that day. You know I would have preferred those spray-on stuff, but my mom didn’t get that. Also, majority of kids and adults too wore sunscreen, but the smell can be so overwhelming, and sometimes the sunscreen can like melt down and sting your eyes. After doing 7 years of marching band, I have learned to wear Spray-on sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses is probably what I can live with without turning even darker than I am.

Secondly, people who randomly stop in the middle of ongoing traffic! It doesn’t matter what type of traffic – cars, bikes, walking, people (?) – just don’t stop your entire body in the middle of people who are also expecting to go somewhere. There were multiple times when a bunch of people were exiting or entering the Harry Potter section of the park or when a show at either the Shrek place or the Special Effects were just ending, and people are starting to get to their next destination of interest. Then, all of a sudden, a random person or group of people decide to stop in the middle of ongoing traffic, and this stops the flow of traffic which can cause this weird mini traffic jam in the middle of these walkways. Like, I understand if you guys couldn’t figure out which way to go or wanted to see what was near the ride you were going to next, just don’t stop in the middle of where everyone else is walking! If you do stop, go put on your imaginary blinkers to let the other people that you’re merging to the shoulder of the walkway so they can pass you. Also, let’s make it easier on everyone by choosing which side of the “road” you’re gonna walk on. Don’t give me the whole “but some people drive on different sides of the roads in other countries” type of deal. If you see a lot of people walking in one direction and another group of people walking in the opposite direction, go on the side where people are heading in the same direction as you are. It just doesn’t make sense to try to plant yourself in the middle of a sea of ongoing traffic. You wouldn’t do that if you were driving in a car because that would just be stupid to do so. Apply driving to walking. Let’s all make this universal common courtesy people.

Thirdly, employees with sour attitudes. So, we got those early entrance passes into the park to be able to get into Harry Potter first and to ride that motion ride where you’re journeying through the castle (just searched it up – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey), and I realized majority of the floors are wet because I guess they hose it down for cleaning. Anyway, I wasn’t with her because my mom was like a 7-year-old and made us be like one of the first 20 people to ride it first, but my cousin was somewhere behind us with her parents and she fell on her back and scraped her elbow while standing in line (line got long after we got in). My cousin is very considerate of others even though she was in pain the whole day, but she went to the nearest employee who worked on the ride to let her know if she or someone else could put a caution sign by where she slipped to keep others from falling. This employee just responded with “Why should I put a sign there?”. Like no dur didn’t she just explain to why you should put a sign there?? I wish I was there with my cousin to like ask for this girl’s supervisor, but I don’t get why there’s a reason to be rude so early in the morning. Even though this isn’t Disneyland, no matter what or where you work you should be considerate of your guests. My cousin is fine now, but that was just like “girl, you need a new job that doesn’t involve interaction with people”.

Well, my day wasn’t all negative, and it was enjoyable, but let’s just keep in mind some of these things and your day and other people’s days would go quite smoothly and happily.


If you’re interested, I did write a review on the Harry Potter restaurant The Three Broomsticks on Yelp. I’ll also maybe write a review and tips on spending your day at Universal Studios with specifics on the Harry Potter section of the theme park for both Hollywood and Orlando.


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