Oboe Life: Take 5 -Chalkboards in Restrooms?

Tagged along with my mom today to visit CSULB for that Parent Orientation (even though Freshmen Orientation for me is on Friday, ugh…). It was actually pretty cool getting a little bit of a tour around campus because I’ve never went to visit Long Beach besides the Music building next to that tall, blue Pyramid (I have yet to understand why they chose the pyramid). It’s such a nice and beautiful campus, with barely any construction going on, very roomy and big, and LOTS OF TREES! I love trees, it just makes everything feel more cleaner and less crowded. The buildings don’t really remind me of a regular state school, but it’s sort of like a miniature UC campus (with a huge Blue Pyramid). The tour around campus was only 40 mins with barely any walking because most of the orientation for parents were in a lecture hall about what students would go through: from safety to financial aid to housing on campus and etc. I was dying because we just sat, so I took the time to cherish my breaks.


My favorite part of the entire day was going to the restroom. I’m not saying it was nice because I just relieved myself in a stall, but it was that there was a FREAKIN’ CHALKBOARD right next to the Lou! You think I’m joking, but look at that picture.

It sort of reminded me about that one Change-The-World Project a group of us seniors did for our AP Humanities class where we raised money to donate to the school so they could buy and install locks in the restroom stalls (Seriously, who invented friction locks because those things only work for so long…we did this for you future Cougars of Steele #sogladigraduated). The Chalkboard is such a genuinely great idea! It decreases graffiti and vandalism on restroom stalls and walls and mirrors, and it may seem childish, but it gives a sense of sophistication that leaves people to leave nice comments to one another. “Hope you have a nice poo/pee!” “Do you like my drawing of this cat?” “You’re digestive and lymphatic systems are working, great job!”. Of course there are some weird comments like, “Gnomes or trolls?”, but it was great.

There was an orientation today for Freshmens, and I so wished I went because there was someone I knew in that group, who’s a Music Major! I’ll complain about it later, but it’s so hard to try to find a Music major when finding a roommate for on campus housing. Well, I have a little over more than a month left in San Diego, so I’m gonna try to enjoy every ounce of it. Especially with my rabbits because knowing my brother, they’re gonna die…ahhh!



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