Oboe Life: Take 3 – Why women have it worse than men?

Anna Akana is a goddess! Well in this case (video) she’s Eve, but she is a role model. Quick backstory about Anna: Towards the end of high school, Anna’s younger sister committed suicide as a result of bullying, so she turned to comedy as a way to relieve her depression. It was also a way to be good at storytelling and stop bullying in many forms (online, verbally, physically…etc.). She is a stand-up comedian, actress, director, and famous YouTuber.

ANYWAY…I just stopped by at a Starbucks to get away from the heat, and to do a short pit-stop before attending this Board Meeting at the high school (wow, that made me sound a lot older than what I am). Wanting to check a few emails while sipping my Tall Unsweetened Green Tea with 2 scoops of matcha and 2 packets of Splenda (for all you weightwatchers, it’s 0 points!), I turned on Anna Akana videos in the background while I worked.

Although, the video brings about a lot of humor on subjects of religion, masculinity, feminine issues, and gender stereotypes, it does bring about some thought that you can’t help but think about on your way home. Women go through a lot of pain and a lot of trash from people compared to men, generally. It doesn’t make sense how society became this way. We live in this double-standard that just doesn’t make sense most of the time. Now, I’m not a feminist nor am I one to try to expose my nipples to the world because bras are uncomfortable (yeah, some bras are and some aren’t), but I think it’s something we should change. Change should be with persistence, patience, and perseverance, to give everyone equality. No, not equal like socialism or communism, but equal opportunity and equal treatment to everyone. If we try to push change at a fast rate, we would lose the amount of time to learn and to process in our lives. Also, even though men in retrospect go through less trash then women, they still have feelings and emotions; not a lot, but enough.

Ah religion, my good friend. As much as I have a lot of opinions about religions and the belief of them, I’m not in a position to say much because I haven’t done my research of it. I’d like to discuss more about it, but not until I have become less ignorant in the subject. That God and Satan relationship in that video though gives me so much laughs though!


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