Oboe Life – Take 1 (8 if you count Blogspot): Hello WordPress!

Hello WordPress, Goodbye Blogspot (no…like it was bad…really)

I never understood the uses of Blogspot, but that was last year when I was still in the primitive stages of blogging. However, I am now liking the feel of WordPress. It’s so much easier and manageable to deal with, which is a plus in my book. It probably only took me 30 minutes to figure everything out.

Anywho…Hello! Not really gonna go into so much detail about myself on this post, but you can read about me by clicking here. Learningtheoboe can be such a plain and boring title, but hey, my creativity can only go so far, and it really is what I’m going to be talking about most of the time. Dang…Morethanjustmusic would’ve been great too…gosh damn. Well, as you can see, I play the Oboe *what the hell is an oboe?*

*insert picture below*


The Oboe is such a beautiful and pretty sounding instrument, which is why there’s always an oboe solo in almost every orchestral piece you can find. (Ha! Beat that flutes!). I’ll be explaining more about my journeys later on when I start my undergrad studies. This summer will be where I begin my love/hate relationship with the Mozart Oboe Concerto. (Kill me now). Other than music, will be my rants on politics, life, and the guy who lives next door to me. Enjoy!


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